Is a Minimoon Right For You?

If you don’t have the time or money to plan a full-blown honeymoon, don’t skip the getaway entirely. A minimoon may be just what you’re looking for.

The wedding has been flawlessly executed, the relatives are home, and all the gifts have been opened. (What are you going to do with three toasters?!) You and your new spouse are exhausted, physically and maybe financially. Honeymoons can become expensive very quickly and also require additional time off work. Most newlyweds have already opted to take time off for wedding set up. This is where the minimoon comes into play.

So, what is a minimoon?

A minimoon is just as it sounds, a miniature honeymoon. Instead of taking a long lavish vacation directly after the wedding, a newlywed couple can choose to take a shorter, more financially responsible vacation. This could range from two or three days up to a week. Just enough for some special one on one time with their new spouse without breaking the bank.

The destination possibilities are endless. When planning a minimoon couples often choose a location close to where they live, given the time and money restrictions. If you’re a Midwest bride somewhere like St. Louis, Missouri is great for a fun site-seeing weekend. Southeast bride? Take a sunset cruise in the harbor or a horse drawn carriage ride around Charleston, South Carolina. Or if you and your new spouse are ready to hop on a plane look into Las Vegas, Nevada. Not only do they have never-ending things to experience, you can often find great deals when booking rooms and flights together.(Remember, the further from the strip you go the cheaper the rooms are) You get the idea, minimoon options are numerous, just choose what suits you best!

Remember, keep in mind your minimoon doesn’t have to be the honeymoon you’ve always dreamed of. That’s the beauty of it all, you can have both! You can plan a more extravagant vacation down the line, maybe for your first wedding anniversary. The minimoon is designed to give you and your new spouse a little time to wind down and enjoy a little newlywed romance.

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