Vintage Lounge Area

Learn Why These Relaxing Spaces Are So Popular.

A vintage lounge area is a great way to keep your guest talking about your event for years to come. Practical and stylish- what more could you want from your special occasion? Not only does it look great, it offers a comfortable space to mix and mingle while taking a break from the electric side!

Here’s are some reasons why.

Vintage pieces add a special nostalgic vibe to your occasion. Each authentic antique piece brings back precious memories. Remember the comfy sofa where your grandfather would snuggle up with you to watch Sunday morning cartoons? Or the beautiful vanity your grandmother would sit you at while she curled your hair and let you wear her lipstick? These memories help create a comfortable intimate feel, regardless of the size of your group. The more comfortable your guest are, the more likely they are to relax and enjoy the occasion.

It’s a great gathering place for conversation. This area can be a quieter space for guests to catch up or get to know each other. Games, dance floors, and toasts can get a little rambunctious. This location allows more intimate communication while keeping them connected to the rest of the celebration. Who knows when you’ll need to make a quick dash to the dance floor and catch your favorite song?!

The last, and most important reason is comfort! “They don’t make things like they used to!” This quote is extremely accurate when it comes to furniture. Style and comfort have drastically declined as the years pass. Comfort doesn’t end with the actual piece itself. If the night air is going to be cool stock up with warm pashminas. Or a few vintage hand painted bamboo fans to match your pieces. Small additions like these will keep you guests feeling pampered and satisfied.

I encourage you look research some different lounge area looks to see what inspires you. There are an infinite number of ways, and reasons, to incorporate this idea into your event. Take the time and see where your creative side takes you!

The greatest joys of life are happy memories. Your job is to create as many of them as possible.

Brian Tracy

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