You’ve Decided Postpone Your Wedding, Now What?

The moment you’ve dreamed about has a new date, but you’ve already received the RSVPs. Here are some ways to share the updated plans with your guests.

In light of the current global pandemic (Seriously, who saw that coming?!) many hopeful wedding planners are ditching their original plans and coming up with a plan B. One of the hardest obstacles is coming up with a way to do that. The new “normal” is so new there aren’t many ideas on how to easily and successfully accomplish a date change. Let’s cover some quick and simple ways to announce your new date.

How about a Re-Save the Date card? The pictures demonstrate a great way for you and your soon to be spouse to regain the spotlight. Take a cute photo from your engagement shoot, upload it onto, and add some cute text! It’s simple and Canva offers printing services as well.

A key attribute to a successful marriage is patience, and now the engagement too!
Add a little humor to lighten the mood. This laid back announcement displays that this couple can conquer anything!
Simple and to the point. With this announcement there is no need to send any follow up instructions. Everything is the same except for the date!

If you and your soon to be spouse can’t imagine postponing, take this chance to announce your elopement. An elegant picture of the newlyweds is a great way to share the big news! Let your family and friends know that your love could not be delayed, but you can’t wait to celebrate with them at your reception.

However you choose to share your plans with your guests, it’s important to make it your own. Try different options until you find one that suits your specific style. Humorous or heartfelt, this is your chance to regain control of the situation. Best wishes to all!

Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.

-Joyce Meyer

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