How to Say Happy Birthday During Quarantine

How to celebrate a birthday during this new normal

Happy birthday! Birthdays are usually a time to celebrate with family and friends, but with most of the world practicing social distancing, those fun gatherings aren’t exactly possible. Instead, we have to channel our creativity and think outside of the box to keep making those traditional birthday memories.

  1. Happy Birthday Yard Signs

These signs can be purchased or hand made. (A perfect quarantine project) Either way, these bright signs are a great surprise and sure to make that someone special feel the love. Check out Oriental Trader for some great ideas!

2. Special Delivery

Get creative! Send an extravagantly decorated cake, cupcakes, or cookies. You can have these goodies delivered right to their front door. Whether you choose a six layer rainbow cake or a jumbo cupcake, these delectable sweets are sure to put a smile on their face while supporting a local bakery!

3. Edible Arrangement

If the birthday boy or girl enjoys eating healthy send them a fruit basket. Edible Arrangements has some fantastic choices. Even better, they deliver! Who wouldn’t love this tasty treat on their birthday?

4. Host a Virtual Party on Zoom

Set up a meeting on Zoom and invite all your friends for a virtual happy hour. The video quality on Zoom is great and you can see each participant’s face in a simple grid view. Want to make things really special? Tell the guest of honor to sign on at little later than everyone else and sing “Happy Birthday” when they log on.

5. Drive A Decorated Car By Their House

Just because you’re social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t go to someone’s house. Deck out your car with balloons and signs and drive by your pal’s place. Tell them to look outside and sing “Happy Birthday” when they come to the door. You can purchase a kit for only $19.99 on Ebay.

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