A Social Distancing Mother’s Day

This year — and every year — quality time is the best gift you can give mom.

Mother’s Day is an annual reminder to cherish your relationship with your mom. Given this year’s unique circumstances, many of us will not be able to follow our yearly traditions. But remember, Mother’s Day isn’t canceled, in some ways this year is more meaningful than ever.

With Mother’s Day only a few days away it is crunch time! With limited time for creativity and preparation, we’ve provided a list of ideas that won’t require you or your mom to leave the house, so you can continue to practice social distancing. All these ideas are gift-worthy and most of all, mom approved.

1. Serve her breakfast in bed

Start her day out right with breakfast in bed. Fruit, eggs, or pancakes are classic options will love. You could also be adventurous and try a new recipe. She will appreciate the gesture. If you can’t be there in person, order coffee and breakfast from her favorite local spot and have it delivered to her.

2. Take her on a sightseeing tour, virtually of course

Even though you are stuck at home during the quarantine doesn’t mean your mom can’t check some places off of her bucket list. Many museums, national parks, and even Buckingham Palace offer virtual tours. Have a line up ready to go when your mom finishes with breakfast in bed.

3. Give her a manicure

Salons and spas are currently closed, or have limited availability. Help give your mom some rest and relaxation time by giving her an at home mani and pedi. Choose some spring colors to brighten her mood. If nail painting isn’t your expertise try stick on nails. Either way, let her sit back and relax while you do all the work.

4. Picnic in the backyard

By now your mom is going to ready for some yummy lunch. Taker her on a picnic to your own backyard, or local park. You can prepare this picnic yourself or order from a local favorite. Whatever you choose will be perfect once it’s placed on the adorable blanket set up.

5. Watch a mother- daughter movie together

If your mom seems ready to take a break from all the pampering cozy up on the couch and watch a mother-daughter movie. This can be a classic or one you’ve both never seen, it’s about the time you’re spending together. After all, that’s all mom really wants.

“When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.” 

—Charley Benetto

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