7 Unique Ways To Preserve Your Wedding Day Memories

We’ve put together a list of seven unique ways to keep your wedding day memories as vivid as the day they happened. After months, even years of planning, many celebrations, and a worldwide pandemic to keep it interesting, your whirlwind wedding day is suddenly behind you. Cue the wave of post-wedding blues! As you’re comingContinue reading “7 Unique Ways To Preserve Your Wedding Day Memories”

How To Spend A Day In Springfield, Missouri

You’ve got one day to take in all the city has to offer. Do it right with these fantastic Springfield, Missouri secret (and not so secret) spots! Whether you know it as The Queen City, The Cultural Center of the Ozarks, Moon City, The Birthday Place of Route 66, The 417, or plain old Springfield,Continue reading “How To Spend A Day In Springfield, Missouri”

A Social Distancing Mother’s Day

This year — and every year — quality time is the best gift you can give mom. Mother’s Day is an annual reminder to cherish your relationship with your mom. Given this year’s unique circumstances, many of us will not be able to follow our yearly traditions. But remember, Mother’s Day isn’t canceled, in someContinue reading “A Social Distancing Mother’s Day”

How to Say Happy Birthday During Quarantine

How to celebrate a birthday during this new normal Happy birthday! Birthdays are usually a time to celebrate with family and friends, but with most of the world practicing social distancing, those fun gatherings aren’t exactly possible. Instead, we have to channel our creativity and think outside of the box to keep making those traditionalContinue reading “How to Say Happy Birthday During Quarantine”

The Ultimate Stress Free Wedding Planning Timeline

Take the stress out of planning with this 12-month wedding planning checklist. Congratulations- you’re engaged… but now what?! Wedding planning may seem effortless, but often quickly becomes overwhelming. Given enough time and organization planning becomes less stressful and even enjoyable, which is what it should be! The average suggested amount of time to plan aContinue reading “The Ultimate Stress Free Wedding Planning Timeline”

You’ve Decided Postpone Your Wedding, Now What?

The moment you’ve dreamed about has a new date, but you’ve already received the RSVPs. Here are some ways to share the updated plans with your guests. In light of the current global pandemic (Seriously, who saw that coming?!) many hopeful wedding planners are ditching their original plans and coming up with a plan B.Continue reading “You’ve Decided Postpone Your Wedding, Now What?”

Something Old, Something New, Something You!

What are some ideal good luck charms on your big day and what do they mean? On the day of your wedding you may find yourself scrambling to find these time-honored good luck charms leading you to wonder where this popular wedding rhyme originated from. The rhyme is derived from an Old English rhyme, “SomethingContinue reading “Something Old, Something New, Something You!”

Vintage Lounge Area

Learn Why These Relaxing Spaces Are So Popular. A vintage lounge area is a great way to keep your guest talking about your event for years to come. Practical and stylish- what more could you want from your special occasion? Not only does it look great, it offers a comfortable space to mix and mingleContinue reading “Vintage Lounge Area”

Is a Minimoon Right For You?

If you don’t have the time or money to plan a full-blown honeymoon, don’t skip the getaway entirely. A minimoon may be just what you’re looking for. The wedding has been flawlessly executed, the relatives are home, and all the gifts have been opened. (What are you going to do with three toasters?!) You andContinue reading “Is a Minimoon Right For You?”