Photo Editing Services

Some of the best memories are captured on our phones. Unfortunately, filters can only do so much. We offer photo editing services using our professional image manipulation program for only $20 a photo! Each purchase includes three versions with minor variations of the photo per submission to ensure your satisfaction. (Acne and blemish correction and teeth whitening are an additional $5 fee upon request) See a few of our most popular options below. As always, feel free to ask about anything you don’t see here. (The images below are not our original images. We applied our editing techniques to stock photos for examples. All editing was completed by A Touch of Vintage)

The Golden Hour

The golden hour is sought by every successful photographer, but you can’t always plan those special moments around the sun. Let us help you reach that desired glow.

Original Downloaded Stock Image
Golden Hour Glow Added
Golden Hour Glow with Sun Added to Photo

Adding Text or Ordering Prints

Once you have the perfect photo we can add text as well. This is perfect for Save the Dates Cards, Elopement Announcements, or any type of invitation. Below are some examples. We can mail prints right to your home for an additional printing fee. Fee depends on the amount of prints. Prints can be two sided and will be sent to you for your approval before prints are ordered.

One sided Re-Save the Date Card
Front Side of a Wedding Postponement Announcement
Back Side of Wedding Postponement Announcement

Soft and Dreamy

This option is perfect for any photo with an indoor light source. Commonly used for wedding photos, this editing style creates a dreamy effect. You’ll also see this in

Original Downloaded Stock Image
Soft and Dreamy Effect Created
Softer and Less Dreamy Than Before With More Enhanced Colors

Miscellaneous Examples

Overall Color Enhancement

Our most popular option is our overall color enhancement. We take your original image and adjust the highlights, shadows, balance, and many other things to achieve the best overall look.

Original Downloaded Stock Image
Color Enhancement with Cooler Tones and Sharper Features
Color Enhancement with Warmer Tones and Sharper Features

“You don’t take a photograph. You ask quietly to borrow it.”

— Unknown

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